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Action "fortitude and Courage"

Action "fortitude and Courage" is a large-scale interregional socio-significant project new destiny on important.

Task action-presentation of the patriotic history of our motherland using modern teaching methods through interactive activities, lectures.

Emphasis is placed on the organisers of the genres that are available to all ages and most social groups that provides significant relevance in modern society.

Lessons of courage, interactive lectures, exhibitions, combined single concept of "Heroes of the fatherland", giving the listener the opportunity to not just present at the event "from call to call," and become a participant in the discussion, analysis of the topic.

Using this technique, the organizers are counting on feedback that causes the audience to reflection-rethinking their own values and attitudes when everyone asks themselves "How would I enrolled, if I'm in a similar situation?".

Geography of the rally is extensive. It will bring together schools, local history museum, an institution of cultural and leisure type patriotic community and clubs. Modern methods of visualization, media and video projection, documentary photo and newsreel, soundtrack help create credible atmosphere of heroic events.

The campaign officially began November 14, 2016 onwards, with a press conference in the public Chamber of the Russian Federation, which supported the initiative of the State Duma of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, co-Chairman of the all-Russian public movement "Immortal Regiment of Russia», 2003. Zemtsov, General of the army in. M. Shuraljov, Chairman of the public Chamber of the Russian Federation on the development of and support for volunteering (volunteering), charity and patriotic education of S.v. Shchetinin and granddaughter of the legendary General Panfilov Aigul and Aloys Bajkadamovy.

Our events:

Lesson no. 1 in schools Memory and no. 7 g. Ivanteevka, Moscow region

Press-conference devoted to "75-th anniversary of the battle of Moscow»

A lesson in courage at school No. 7 yr. Ivanteyevka, Moscow Oblast.

A lesson in courage at school No. 5 g. Ivanteevka, Moscow region.

A lesson in courage at school No. 1 g. Ivanteevka, Moscow region.

A lesson in courage, g. Ivanteevka, Moscow region

A lesson in courage at school the GTBR SKOShI 52

Gazprom school took action "fortitude and courage"

A lesson in courage GBOU School 657

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