Charitable Fund of promoting the spiritual and
moral youth education

Cultural and event projects

Spiritually-moral education is not possible to imagine without nurturing aesthetically harmonious personality. Features and content, the qualities of aesthetic education due to sociocultural factors condition society at any given period of historical development. For disclosure of their aesthetic, spiritual values, people most often uses the language of creativity. During the creative process, which allows time to connect with "absolute knowledge", the man passes to the outside world their meanings, guidance, criteria for direction of moral and spiritual perfection.

One of the basic directions of activity of the charitable fund "All together" is the maintenance and organization of various cultural and event projects. Projects that are ready to become a platform for creative search, help uncover spiritual, creative potential, join like-minded people who want to create and broadcast to the world of good, spirituality, morality!

Why we are engaged in the development of cultural and event projects?

We believe that charity is not only the activities associated with providing selfless assistance-material contribution to the solution of pressing problems, but also activities aimed at developing and promoting a variety of creative, spiritual manifestations of the individual, which in turn leads to his spiritually-moral education. Such events allow you to identify talent among young people, to support young talents in their quest for self-realization, as well as to attract public attention to the issues that face before today's society, dehumanization, lack of identity in the modern world.

If you want to reveal yourself, you have something to say, you feel the strength to make our world a better place-charitable foundation "All together" is ready to support you, your new ideas and spiritual endeavors!

Our events:

The Moscow contest of young designers

Prodyuserskij CENTR ECOLE 

Charity Ball Royal horse racing»

The opening race of the season

Pancake week at the Hippodrome

International day of the Roma

Festival of beauty AvtoLediShou

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