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Ice rink

An ice rink, with the support of the FOUNDATION for "All together"

With December 20, 2015 onwards a new open-air ice rink. Positive emotions, adrenalin and good mood are waiting for every guest.

The ice rink is located at. Moscow, UL. Begovaya d. 22.  Open for visits from 11:00 up to 22:00 hours.

Here is the ice arena will be able to organize cultural events urban and regional scale, as well as city holidays: new year, Christmas, Carnival, etc. A high level of professionalism, experienced animators and organizers help you create an unforgettable festive atmosphere diversifying weekdays and escape from the daily hassle.

Large selection of skates for rent, good technical facilities and musical accompaniment will Skate not only amateurs but also professionals-exciting competitions on hockey and figure skating you can also arrange with us!

After an exciting riding you and your family can enjoy, warm up with a cup of hot tea in the cozy restaurant "allure", located near the ice arena.

Come, we are waiting for you every day!   


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