Charitable Fund of promoting the spiritual and
moral youth education


Teambuilding in the territory of the Moscow Hippodrome

Sports and competitive activities, with the support of the Charity Fund "the whole together"

Invite team compositions and all comers for sporting events:-t
g-team relay-weights
bouillotes exercis
e-game hockey-anim
ation programs
-paintball team buildi
ng progra

aims to: • create an atmospher

of informal communication; • direct
team building; • production of tea
m spirit and the ability to work in a team; • ide
ntifying leaders;
• team cohesion; •
psychological unloading.
Sports and competitive activities are conducted in the same way to promote physical culture and raising the level of physical fitness of the population and young people of the city of Moscow.


 Venue: g. Moscow, UL. Begovaya, d. 22, "Moscow Central Racecourse", compte. phone: 8


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