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During the 2015-2016 year charitable foundation "All together", held a series of competitions for young talents "Park in the summer. Parties could be guys with skills in drawing or photography, singing or playing musical instruments.


Author: Tatiana Emelyanova

Summer park-a great opportunity to prove themselves, become popular and get an assessment of its work. The competition was held on a specially created website To participate, you had to register, and then choose one of the five nominations (Poems, artwork, photography, vocals, instrumental music) and place their work in a private office. Then work got on the ballot. Further challenge contestants-score as many votes.

One of the advantages of the competition-it online. This made it possible not only to Muscovites, but the guys from the regions to try their hand. There was no age limit, therefore, among the participants and winners were schoolchildren and students from different regions of Russia.


Author: Maria Gracheva

All winners were awarded with prize money and bonuses. Summer Park organizers were pleasantly surprised by the ability of participants to create and build. It was obvious that guys were doing their work with passion and skill. The total prize fund of the competition amounted to 150 rubles 000000.

Currently our Foundation began organizing the fifth contest "summer Park 5.0", scheduled for the middle of the year 2017. 

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