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Relay on the territory of Moscow Hippodrome

Capital Hippodrome first became the venue for the competitions among Muscovites-jogging

Youth Day June 25 metropolitan Racecourse for the first time in its history running competition held among all comers. In the relay, entitled "Young wind 110 teams attended this 550 people. They all parties running clubs from different districts of Moscow. The main organizer of the event became the Foundation for the "All together".

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According to the President of the Foundation, Dmitry ZOLOTOVA, "very good, when people of different ages and backgrounds United by their love of healthy living. Despite a day of hot weather, and all of them came here without any guidance from above, driven by the desire to compete and make your hobby more popular. In my opinion, this is a great example for all Muscovites, how to spend their free time. The purpose of our Foundation is to promote the spiritual and moral education of young people, and activities such as today is definitely a great help to us! "posted by Dmitriy Zolotov.

Confirmation of the words of the President of the Fund was holding, along with the relay, festive musical flash mob. Opened the concert choir of veterans who played the patriotic repertoire. Then on the scene began to climb the youth music groups. The holiday began!

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The event has become really massive. The door of the Central Moscow Hippodrome were open to all comers, music and laughter attract passers-by. For participants the organizers in addition to medals produced yet and prizes. Partners of the event: steel shop "sport-Marathon, Atelier individual tailoring of sports clothing STRIVE FOR DREAM, shop online sports nutrition FORZA FIT cosmetic brand MARY KAY, as well as TC LEVITTE-distributor of natural cosmetics. Informational support was provided by radio Capital FM, urban Internet portal "capital city", informational sports portal "soccer volleyball Russia", "Russian newspaper" BERIZKA ", North of the capital.

Among the guests of the Festival was a Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Sergei Poddubny, as well as the first Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Paralympic Committee Andrei Novikov. Both guests stressed the great significance of this kind of activities. The whole holiday was attended by more than 1500 people.

"We are happy today," said Dmitriy Zolotov. The program turned out to be rich and interesting. And most importantly-useful! Consider the first experience and we will not rest on our laurels. In the near future it is planned to hold such events. And hopefully, we'll make them regular! ", summed up the President of the charitable fund" all together ".  



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