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The contest “Seven Words of Life”


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The words Description Author

hope for the best, that everything will be fine.


This feeling, man, deep attachment to another human being, a deep sense of sympathy.


This is what makes you a man

Regulations of the contest "Seven Words of Life"

The contest will be a project that can remind people of those major life words that are dear to every man, and that in recent years have increasingly sidelined.

The purpose of the contest

Popularization of "Ecology of the word" conducive to the formation of identity and supporting the complementary relationship between the spiritual world of man and the "word".

Competition Tasks

- The preservation of the understanding of the Russian language as the language of spiritual wealth, verbal purity, inner health;

- The restoration of the spiritual meaning of the word, his deep connection with the person, the nature of the people.

The contest is held with 01.12.2016g. on 30.04.2017.

The winners will receive gifts.

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