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Action "fortitude and courage"-Breakout the siege of Leningrad.

Charitable Foundation “All together” in the framework of the campaign “resilience and courage” carries out a series of lessons devoted to the Memory of a memorable date-January 18, 1943 year breakout Day siege of Leningrad during World War II.
18 January for Russians and, especially, t.i is a special date. On this day back in 1943 during the great patriotic war Leningrad blockade break-through took place. Despite the fact that the city remained under siege for another year, with the breakthrough of the blockade has significantly improved security situation throughout the Leningrad front.

Action “fortitude and courage” is a large-scale interregional socio-significant project new destiny on important.

Task action-presentation of the patriotic history of our motherland using modern teaching methods through interactive activities, lectures.

Emphasis is placed on the organisers of the genres that are available to all ages and most social groups that provides significant relevance in modern society.

Lessons of courage, interactive lectures, exhibitions, give the listener an opportunity to not just present at the event “from call to call, and to become a party to the discussion, analysis of the topic.

Our events:

Lesson at school No. 8 Memory and gymnasium No. 3 g. Ivanteyevka, Moscow Oblast

Lesson no. 1 in schools Memory and no. 7 g. Ivanteevka, Moscow region


Map-Breakout the siege of Leningrad


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