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The immortal March 22-24 pakratovcev September 2016goda

2-I campaign "the immortal March Pankratovcev»

The Committee for the preservation of the memory of the heroes of the heroic deeds of self-sacrifice and Charity Fund "All together" with the support of the Committee on youth of the city of St. Petersburg spends 2-nd "the immortal March Pankratovcev".

Presentation of "the IMMORTAL MARCH PANKRATOVCEV", dedicated to the 75 anniversary of committing feat heroes: A.p. Mjasnikovymi N.d. Sosnovski "

1-St March 22 took place on 24 August and included memorable places 4 regions. To participate in the action were brought more than 450 people, on the regional television information programs were held in which members of the expedition are described in detail on the legendary heroes of the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR, as well as the goals and objectives of the action.

In the upcoming event organizers plan to visit 4 memorable places on feat heroes Myasnikova A.p. and Sosnowskyi n.d., roundtables, solemn meetings and pickets in memory.

We invite all who are not indifferent to the heroic story of our homeland who perceive "patriotism", not as a newfangled trend, but rather as an inner need to participate in our event!

September 22, 2016 year

  1. St. Petersburg-the solemn meeting dedicated to anniversary of 75 feat Myasnikova A.p.
  2. Krasnoye Selo-Rally on the burial place of Myasnikova A.p.

23 September

3. Velikiy Novgorod-round table on the theme "preserving the memory of the heroes of the heroism of self-sacrifice in the Novgorod region»

24 September

4. Demjansk-Solemn meeting dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the feat Sosnowskyi N.d.

  1. Stone Mountain-Rally on the spot feat Sosnowskyi N.d.
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