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23 September "the immortal March pankratovcev" again will take place through the Novgorod region

"The immortal March pankratovcev" is a joint project of the Committee for the preservation of the memory of the heroes of the feat of the sacrifice, the OFFICERS of Russia "and the Charity Fund" the whole together. Earlier, 22 August, expedition, dedicated to the memory of the heroes of sacrifice, already gave a start from Moscow and ended in the Novgorod region on August 25.

So, the first was devoted to the first feat of self-sacrifice by Alexander Konstantinovich Pankratovym August 24, 1941 year near Veliky Novgorod.

Organizers again asking for administrative and public organizations in St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod to support the initiative and to take part in the action "the immortal March pankratovcev", dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the Commission of the second and third feat sacrifice heroes: Alexander Pavlovich Mjasnikovym near Leningrad and Nikolai Danilovich Sosnovski in the Novgorod region.

Within the bounds of the campaign the delegation from Moscow is scheduled to arrive in St. Petersburg tomorrow, September 22. But in Veliky Novgorod — 23 September.

In this day of "Immortal pankratovcev" March will visit gymnasium 4 — delegation will tell the children about the exploits of the heroes. Later there will be a tour of the places of fights of the Volkhov front. 24 September, guests travel to the Demjansk, where will take place solemn meeting dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the feat Sosnovsky. On the same day in the village of Stone Mountain Memorial rally will be held in honor of the feat Sosnovsky.

For reference:

Aleksandr Miasnikov, komsorg 142 separate rifle companies of the Baltic fleet, Krasnoznamjonnogo closed his body to "dota ukrainien embrasure Nevsky patch" two weeks after the start of the siege of Leningrad-September 22, 1941 Goda.

In heavy minute battle, September 24, 1941 year when further promotion of our fighters on the same stretch of enemy defenses was stopped by machine-gun fire from a bunker, Nikolay Sosnovsky went on a great act of self-sacrifice. Having escaped forward, he rushed to dzotu enemy and his body embrasure.

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