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Part BF "All together" in the 3-th interregional expedition dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the feat of hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Konstantinovich Pankratova.

The Committee for the preservation of the memory of the heroes of the feat of the sacrifice together with the charitable fund "all together" with 26 September to October 4, 2016 year 3-th interregional expedition, dedicated to the memory of the heroes who committed self-sacrifice feat.

The main aims and objectives of the campaign is to define on the ground state of the monuments, commemorative plaques dedicated to the heroes of the feat of self-sacrifice, establishing memorials that perpetuate the names of heroes and their exploits, as well as educational activities by holding round tables, shares lessons of courage, on local television.

The route of the expedition joined more than 35 places associated with heroes heroism of self-sacrifice and located in 7 regions of Russia. One of the cities selected by g. Apatity.

October 4 participants 3-her interregional expedition: S.v. Zvyagin, D.i. Zolotov and Rv Abramov visited MBOW SCHOOL No. 34 in which territory there is a stele dedicated to the feats of the self-sacrifice of the hero of the Soviet Union P.s. Dernova. Guests are greeted by the Deputy Head of the city administration of Social Affairs E.i. Turkatova, head of Department on work with youth education Department of the city administration M.v. Shlenchak, Director of the secondary school № 34 MBOW T.s. Korableva, as well as media representatives. At the rally, the stele in memory of P.s. Dernova school students presented their countryman and his feat, after which all present paid tribute to the hero of the moment of silence and laid flowers. Then guests proceeded to the school Museum, which presents the exposition not just about biographies of P.s. Dernova, but also various historic moments of the city and its inhabitants.

Completed event meeting of representatives of the expedition with high school students, during which S.v. Zvyagin talked about heroes, committed deeds of self-sacrifice, and has also shown videos on this subject.

The memory of those who are defending their homeland, gave the most sacred life must live on in our hearts forever.

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