Charitable Fund of promoting the spiritual and
moral youth education

In the public Chamber of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION summarized the lessons in courage

and discussed the development of effective interaction between public and budget organizations in the field of patriotic education of youth

A representative of the Charity Fund "the whole together" Dmitriy Zolotov told the participants about the necessity of such events in the modern world: "such actions are aimed at the preservation of the monuments of the heroes who stood up to defend our homeland, as well as against the falsification of our common history, which now is the place to be.
There have been many lectures, in which the lecturer leads a lively dialogue with students, begins to interact with students. Certainly hope not only in school, but parents and be active, do at home with their children. We in turn are tuned exactly on a systematic approach that children could engage in a dialogue and have an understanding of historical events ".
According to experts, the role of patronage is really, really great. Representatives of educational organizations shared the outcome of its work in the course of this year, talked about the creation of patriotic circles of cooperation with patriotic organizations such as "officers of Russia." Many pupils carry historical monuments have a watch that helps them not only learn something new for yourself, but also to appreciate the history of their country, told jesperty. In many schools, museums have been created which deal with not only the teacher but also the students. It was noted that such involvement helps educate the younger generation.
Also talked about the information war that we, unfortunately, that lose. Social networks are popular very different themes and film the young generation more interesting for foreign projects. It is necessary to motivate young people primarily through those functions indicated by experts and told about the necessity of young assistants who could promote healthy lifestyles. Roundtable participants spoke about propaganda and historical museums, on the establishment of educational programmes that will interest kids of all ages.
Now it is planned to turn in the form in which it is served in our country's history, and it is important not to miss this transitional moment. Patriotism is a way of life and it is something we must not only talk, but also revealing, convinced pundits and community.

Within the framework of the round table "summarizing spending activities (lessons of courage), dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow" held in the public Chamber of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, summed up the lessons of courage "in educational institutions of Moscow and Moscow region and devoted 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow. Also passed the harmonization of work plans for joint activities on, 2017.

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