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Public Chamber of Moscow is in SAO exhibit-installation in memory of the victims of Beslan

"Without further ADO" is dedicated to the installation of the twelfth anniversary of the tragedy in Beslan. In the public Chamber of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION held a press conference where the organizers presented the idea of creating a project, its features, important aspects of the memory of such events.

These days, when the whole world remembers the tragedy of Beslan, in the Russian public Chamber on Miusskoj Street in the opening of an exhibition dedicated to this event. The documentary frames the face of women who lost their children, water bottles, which lacked the hostages for three days, panichida at the walls of the ruined school. "Here is part of only a part of the exposition. Basically it's pictures that have emotional impact rather than those that would arouse aesthetic negation and negative, "said the Deputy Director of the Charity Fund" the whole together "Georgi Geraskin. -Portrait and landscape shooting is enough to submerge in the atmosphere of that horror. The Central exposure in Northern District address: begovaya Street, 22, where there are more than 60 works, you can see scenes from the lives of Beslan before the tragic event, during, as well as its consequences. "To select photos for the exhibition, I had to see more than 500 pictures. Then I realized, in the hustle and bustle of the gray of everyday life, we should not forget such terrible things, so as not to lose our humanity, "said Georgi Geraskin.

At the press conference made hero of Russia Vyacheslav bocharov, personally took part in the liberation of hostages at school No. 1. He was one of the first, included in the captured terrorists. "Social organizations have expressed a desire to honor the memory of not only the victims of the terrorist Act 2004 year, but those who gave their lives during the operation, and ten officers. They say soldiers dying twice. The first time it pulls out of the bullet, the second is in people's memory. It is in our power to make it so that their names were consigned to the younger generation, "said Vyacheslav A..

The Chairman of the Commission of public Chamber of the Russian Federation on the development of and support for volunteering, philanthropy and patriotic education Sergey Schetinin said that after the tragedy in beslanovskoj school rehabilitation program was conducted for children who visited terrorists in captivity. "We have carried out trainings, in which guys-hostages learned to be lifesavers. After such events the kids recognized that if owned these skills, you could save your classmates rather than looked like those are bleeding, "said Sergey Schetinin. He believes that children and adults need to know how to behave in emergency situations.

Exhibition "without further ADO" runs until 7 September

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