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"All together" took part in the VII Congress of non-profit organizations

"All together" took part in the VII Congress of non-profit organizations.

The Congress was held in Moscow in Russian economic University. G.V. Plekhanova with 13 on December 16, 2016 onwards. The event is organized by the National Union of non-profit organizations.

Congress of non-profit organizations of Russia-proven annual event, in which more than 1000 delegates from all the subjects of the RF-85 representatives of socially oriented non-profit organizations-discuss the main directions of the State policy in the sphere of development of the non-profit sector in Russia, develop proposals for enhancing the effectiveness of the mechanisms of interaction between civil society and the authorities, participation of non-profit organizations in public control, provision of social services to the population, etc.

The main focus of the Congress — financial, property, information, educational and administrative support to the NCBS, as well as the protection of their interests, ensuring sustainable development and sustainability in the nonprofit sector.

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