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Press-conference devoted to "the 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow"

November 14, 2016 year in 15:00 in the public Chamber of the Russian Federation (g. Moscow, Russia Miusskaya sq. d. 7) held a press-conference to the 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow ", organized by the Foundation" all together "with the support of the Commission of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION on development and OP support for volunteering (volunteering), charity and patriotic education.

This event was a live dialogue of pupils of comprehensive schools with current heroes and their relatives Heroes event from us otdaljajushhihsja times of the great patriotic war. Modern schoolboys, future citizens must remember Heroes of their homeland, know its history, respect the memory and be prepared to pay the debt back home.

People from all walks of life and experiences shared with children their knowledge, views on military events of the beginning of the great patriotic war, and their conclusions and observations were useful not only for military and historical accuracy, but also the personal approach, artistic value.

Schoolchildren in Moscow met with RUSSIAN Sergei Shhetininym Lifeguard Emeritus Chairman of Commission OP the RF State Duma Deputy, Nikolai Zemskov-Co-Chairman of the all-Russian public movement "Immortal Regiment of Russia," Army General Vladimir Shuraljovym, granddaughters of the legendary General Panfilov Aigul and Aloys Bajkadamovymi, Secretary of the composers ' Union of RUSSIA Andrei Baturinym, President of the charitable fund "ALL together" Dmitry Zolotovym.

Press Conference "to the 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow was the beginning of a large-scale campaign" resilience and courage, which will be held "lessons in courage, exhibitions, conferences, round tables, as well as numerous meetings with very interesting people.

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