Charitable Fund of promoting the spiritual and
moral youth education

Propaganda of healthy way of life

Sports unite hundreds of thousands of people. Why? Seemingly all the positive factors of such classes have been known for a long time, and still nowadays increasingly sports enters into everyday life.

"The phenomenon of Sechenov" launched the phenomenon of sports and active recreation. It is a change of activity, allows a person not just a is at rest, and gives you the ability to restore your vitality, to prolong youth and helps to always remain in good spirits.

Agree, it is this state of creative positive increasingly lacking in century urbanization and computer technologies. Internet displaces "live" interpersonal communication in virtual world of dreams, our life is inhabited by fictional characters. They are our perception of the world, through numerous broken ciphers, semiconductor, software, etc. For matrices installations prescribed in good faith by skilled specialists, people sometimes ceases to be conscious of one's own "I" cease to think, create!

Foundation for all together pays special attention in the Organization of activities for children and youth, helping man to harmonize its "I" as in vnutrilichnostnom space and interaction with outside!

Under the charity program "create favourable conditions for self-realization of personality and the formation of the healthy way of life" include such activities as: "Festival of ethnic sports", the begovaya baton, the district tournament on a paintball and others.

One of the most significant projects was the summer Young relay wind "dedicated to the world day of youth". It's not just drew a large number of active recreation (in the relay was attended by more than 700 jogging), but also opened a new page in the history of the cult places of the capital, the Central Moscow Hippodrome, which for the first time in its long history showed his versatile resource as full-length sports facility.

More than 2 thousand people gathered "ethnic Sports Festival", organized by our Foundation acted and SBD "Moscow House of nationalities". The program was rich and interesting:-lifting competitions, national struggle, MAS-Puroresu, towns, as well as various ethnic games and amusements. For all comers race was organized by the Central Moscow Hippodrome rings. Positive atmosphere complement creative groups and performers with their national folklore.

In addition, in February held a paintball competition and family teambuilding, timed to the day of the defender of Fatherland and to promote military-patriotic education among the youth. 

Happy, happy faces of the participants, kind words addressed to the organizers indicate that this activity extremely in demand in today's society, which has a feeling of hunger on common human values. Doing good or doing Charity Fund "All together" is trying to bring its valuable contribution to the life of every person and of society as a whole. 

Our events:

Festival of ethnic sports at the Hippodrome

Summer Young relay wind»

Paintball competitions and family teambuilding passed on the racetrack


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