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BF All Along participated in research konferencii"Pamjat' people"

05.12.2016 g. ULF Moscow Research Conference was held on the project "memory of people: military burial Moscow battle», which was illuminated by the battle for Moscow's role in the great patriotic war of 1941-1945 Gg. The Conference took place at the library of the prefect of CAO (Novospassky pereulok, 5.)

A lesson in courage GBOU School 657

1 December 2016g school No. 657 participated in the interregional shares lessons and steadfastness, organized Charitable Foundation together "within the international memory watch" we are millions, panfilovtsev!»

A lesson in courage at school the GTBR SKOShI 52

01.12.2016 BF "All together" within the Russian action "fortitude and Courage" in a solemn atmosphere conducted a lesson in courage.

In school, students 52 SKOShI GTBR met with the granddaughter of the legendary General Panfilov i.v., Aigul Bajkadamovoj

Awarding of the winners of the contest "Summer Park in memory of the victims of Beslan

25 November at a meeting of the Working Group of the Commission on the development of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and OP support for volunteering (volunteering), charity and patriotic education, President of the charitable fund "All together" awarded the winner of the all-Russian online contest "in memory of the victims of Beslan" Gorshkov Catherine memorable gift.

Press-conference devoted to "the 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow"

November 14, 2016 year in 15:00 in the public Chamber of the Russian Federation (g. Moscow, Russia Miusskaya sq. d. 7) held a press-conference to the 75 anniversary of the battle of Moscow ", organized by the Foundation" all together "with the support of the Commission of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION on development and OP support for volunteering (volunteering), charity and patriotic education.

A lesson in courage, g. Ivanteevka, Moscow region

With the approaching anniversary of 75-and the battle for Moscow, the Fund "all together" with a lesson of courage on the protection of the borders of the city of Moscow legendary Hero Panfilovskoj Division seven schools, with the participation of over one thousand students,. Ivanteyevka, Moscow Oblast.

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